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LaSalle Parish School Board

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    There will be a special called school board meeting Monday night at 6:00 to discuss reopening schools.

    The LaSalle Parish School Board will hold a special meeting Monday night, August 10, at 6 PM at the media center in Jena, to decide whether or not to delay the start of public school.

    “We want to be very clear that the decision to delay the start of school has not been made yet,” LaSalle Superintendent Janet Tullos said. “This is a decision that will be decided by the entire school board Monday night.”


    The reason for the board considering the delay is due to certain personal safety equipment for students that hasn’t arrived.

    “We have ordered personal, protective safety desk shields for every student in the LaSalle Parish School System that will be used by them during classes and they have not arrived yet,” Tullos continued. “These desk shields will provide each student with more protection and will help us in not having to send entire classes home in the event a student test positive for COVID.”


    According to Tullos, each student will have their own shield that they will use all day during classes. Every student in every grade will have their own personal shield.


    School is set to begin for students August 13, however, if the board decides to delay the start students will not report to class until August 26.


    If the board approves the delay, teachers will report for In-Service Training August 20, 21, 24, and 25.


    Each individual school principal will place all their students in two groups, Group A and Group B, and between August 26 and September 4, the students will report to their schools by groups.

    Tullos said all students would be contacted by their principals to know what group they are in and when to report, should the board approve the delay of school Monday night. If the delay is not approved, school will begin next week as originally planned.


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